• ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ENTERTAINMENt radio show, with host dralan levi. Keep up to date on real-life situations with the Subject Matters. get real takes on  movies, both old and new, through the T.V. AND movie rundown. get a twist on the  latest gossip ON the hollywood STORIES, RECAPING THE RUMORS AND REALITY OF HOLLYWOOD. hear, in depth biographical information about your favorite celebrity on the entertainment spotlight.  keep the laughs going with all types of guests including celebrity interviews and special character guests that will have you coming back for more. then, of course, wrap it all up with the levi perspective that gives the hard truths and realities and advice we could all stand to hear. Be sure to tune in and tell a friend to tell another friend to LISTEN to the dralan levi brand!

Welcome to the dralan levi brand

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Dralan Levi has been in the Entertainment Industry from the days of Destiny Child, Michael Jackson, TLC and many more. He's been embracing the industry from every angle, from producing to writing to managing, and even performing. He also is and has been heavily involved in the media scene via social media, photography, radio hosting, and CEO of Levi Media Group. Through the Levi Media Group, Dralan Levi has been networking with both small and large businesses for sponsoring and advertisement purposes, and producing Music Concerts, Radio and Fashion Shows. Levi's time in the Music Industry has also included being directly on the scene with a number of artists including Ciara , Silk, Bobby V, and many others. AS FAR AS THE PRESENT AND UPCOMING FOR DRALAN LEVI, BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE DRALAN LEVI BRAND SHOW IN ADDITION TO OTHER COMMUNITY AND CONCERT EVENTS!


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